Some Information on the program:  


For just $22.22 a week (pre-paid at sign up), you will be coached, counseled, and educated on what it takes for a professional bodybuilder in Physique to prepare for a competition.  This program is for ALL ages and ALL fitness levels because YOU will become the BEST version of YOU!  


As an IFBB Pro, I will share my journey, secrets, tips, and more of my 29-plus years in the fitness world!  You will learn how to train smart, how to eat more and still lose weight, along with cooking tips, have 24/7 access to me via private message, and be apart of like minded individuals for support! 


What it includes:

  • Weekly meal plan to go by.
  • Daily workouts to go by to include specific instructions and video for those not familiar with weight training
  • Weekly Champ Challenges to push you to your true limit.  Champ of the Week gets not only recognized, but a $30 gift card to GNC or/and something similiar
  • Weekly Accountability Day where you must post front / back pictures with weight and measurements from the neck down in tank top (females) and shorts, swim suit, or workout clothing.  THIS IS MANDATORY!  You will be removed from program if this is not done and no refund will be given.
  • Educational information weekly to help you understand your body, how to make it work in your favor, and get the most out of meals, workouts, and other nutritional supplements
  • Cooking tips
  • 24/7 access to Lenore, 30-years in health and fitness, 19- years competing and IFBB Pro, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Weight Management, Certified Nutrition, and an RN.
  • Engaged with like-minded individuals for support
  • You will partipate in voting for the Ultimate Champ Challenger week 8
  • And much more!



*YOU MUST HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT.  Your payment for the Fit Challenge means you have read the Fit Challenge agreement form, you acknowledge and will abide by rules/policies, you will give 110% to the program, and you acknowledge it is your responsibility to inform us of any dietary and physical restrictions you may have. You also understand that not abiding by rules/policies will result in being removed from the program & no refund will be allotted.  KMM holds the right to not accept clients if there is a conflict of interest such as personal trainers or individuals in business with similiar services. You are not allowed to sale or market products on Fit Challenge page.  KMM holds the right to disbar any challenger that deems unethical, unprofessional, owes money, has outstanding balances, and/or any reason KMM Board votes on before or after program starts.  Rules on KMM credits are subject to change at anytime.  KMM credits hold no financial value other than credits to the Fit Challenge only.  Credits towards 9 week challenges cannot be used towards any other programs.  Loss of credit privileges are subject to all 9 week fit challenge rules/policies and KMM holds the right to discredit and ban any individual for any reason it deems violated rules/policies or/and any reason otherwise.


You agree to NOT have personal private pages or participate in other health and fitness programs during the 9-weeks and give 110% to THIS program.


To register for the May 10, 2024 Fit Challenge, CLICK HERE!






**KMM holds the right of refusal of accepting applications based on like-type businesses such as but not exclusive to personal trainers, fitness instructors, gym owners, and/or any/all health & fitness individuals that may be a conflict of interest. 9-week fit challenge is currently under review for copyrights.



  • MAXIMIZE YOUR WORKOUT WITH WRIST SUPPORT & QUICK RELEASE: With superior wrist support, palm protection, and a quick-release feature, Versa Gripps are a comfortable and safe to use alternative to wrist straps, so you can complete more reps. Plus, they distribute the pressure at the base of the hand rather than at the wrist and allow you to release the weight immediately when necessary, unlike traditional lifting straps, gloves, or hooks.
  • MADE IN THE USA & BUILT TOUGH FOR SMALLER HANDS: Versa Gripps are hand-crafted with custom-engineered, no-slip materials and built-in arch support, protecting you from strain and calluses. This high-quality workmanship allows for superior grip strength during any fitness routine, eliminating the need for traditional wrist wraps.
  • ULTRA-SLEEK & NO-SLIP GRIP: For slim, smaller hands and narrow wrists, the Versa Gripps Fit features a 1-inch wrist strap to keep you supported while training with light/medium weights, enhance smooth flowing movements and circulation, and protect you from carpal tunnel and nerve damage. Better than traditional wrist wraps, our exclusively-made, no-slip materials help you maintain superior grip strength throughout your training.
  • FIND YOUR FIT: For a true anti-slip experience with your lifting wrist wraps, make sure to choose your best fit. Measure the circumference of your wrist to find your correct size. XS: 4 3/4 - 5 1/2", S: 5 3/4 - 6 1/2", M/L: 6 3/4 - 7 3/4"
  • ENHANCE YOUR MIND MUSCLE CONNECTION: With its unparalleled wrist and arch support, non-slip authentic Versa Gripps help you outperform the rest. Complete your next pushing or pulling exercise with this industry-trusted fitness accessory and give your mind the ability to focus on specific muscle groups without the distraction of grip fatigue.


To buy yours for less, click here!



Heavy Brand Podcast Interviews Lenore Gregson, IFBB Pro

On-Line Training and Nutrition

Lenore currently has limited one on one sessions available.  On-line weight training is available with a 3-month committment pre-paid.

  • Cost per month - $200.  Includes Monday - Friday specific weight training instructions with videos & Friday accountability day. 

For 3-month on-line training, click here Link will lead you to information and enrollment.  To pre-pay total amount, please go to Payment Form found at top of website.  After enrollment, you will be contacted by office or Lenore.



For meal planning OR nutrition, a 3-month committment is required pre-paid for either one.

  • Cost per month for either one (NOT BOTH) - $200/Month.  Accountability day on Friday's is required, which includes front/back pictures, weight, and measurements.

For 3-month meal planning OR nutrition, click here!


Meal Planning / On-line training Combo Discount


For the best results, Lenore highly recommends the Meal Planning / On-line training combo.  Those that choose this option receive $100 off per/month.  Instead of $1200 for the 3-month program for both, clients only pay $900 pre-paid. 


For the combo 3-month program, click here!


One on one training session (where applicable & available).................$90.00 / hour


To book a one on one training session, click here!


Contact us for more information.  To book and pre-pay for services, click here (May need to be at a computer to see link depending on your phone service):




Lenore Gregson, IFBB Pro made the front cover of Surreal Fit!  To purchase a signed magazine by Lenore Gregson, click button below.


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Magazine dedicated to fitness and health featuring Lenore Gregson, IFBB Pro.
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Lenore Gregson, IFBB Pro made the front cover of Barbells Fitness!  To purchase a signed magazine by Lenore Gregson, click button below.

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