If your company or organization is experiencing a loss of productivity, increased absenteeism, an unhappy or overly stressed workforce and you want to make a difference in your employees health, hosting a Health and Wellness Fair helps raise awareness of positive lifestyle choices and thus makes bottom line impact.


KMM® specializes in helping YOU make this a reality.


KMM Health and Wellness Fairs are fully planned, organized and facilitated face-to-face interactive events catered to your company's specific needs and demographics. We will even run your out of state affliate location accounts.


You work with us to customize every element of your event from the types of services you would like to have represented to the types of screenings, theme, etc, that you would like to have the day of.


No two events are the same. KMM is not a membership driven organization, each exhibitor is personally invited with your approval. You receive a comprehensive list prior to your event of all exhibitors that will be in attendance and services that will be offered. A Health and Wellness event is NOT a street fair. Rather it is to serve as an educational, hands on experience leaving each attendee with new information on what they can do to achieve a more well rounded and focused life.


We have the ability to custom theme each event. We invite the right health service providers to interface with your employees to inform them of their options and motivate them to take action. The more information you share with us about your employees and your benefits, the more custom the event becomes.


We do all the work leading up to the event including inviting your benefit's providers, non-profits, partners, affiliates,etc.  KMM will keep you informed of every step in the process leading up to the day of the event. On the day of we do all set up, manning of the event, and clean up. You just show up and enjoy yourself!


Your workforce will benefit by having the opportunity to interact first hand with knowledgeable health and wellness professionals during the Fair.


Your employees will not only learn about their options, but will experience interactive screenings, samplings, educational materials and discounts provided by the exhibitors.


All KMM Health and Wellness Fairs have door prizes that are provided by the exhibitors that attend to encourage employees to visit and interact.  


KMM's monthly e-Newsletter can be sent electronically to your employees to inform them on key health and wellness topics, recipes, articles and more.


Keep Your Employees Healthy Year Round....


During their lunch hour let your employees experience our KMM Corporate Wellness Lecture Series to educate them on a variety of topics that will stimulate and encourage a healthier lifestyle. These are strictly educational based seminars on topics of your choice taught by professionals and experts in their area of specialty.


KMM® is able to help you and your management make a difference in your workforce, and help your organization realize the benefits that this difference will make to your bottom line.


More Questions?  We will be happy to meet with you and answer any questions you may have.  You can also visit our FAQ Page, email us direct or contact us at 1-800-764-0418.  We look forward to serving you!



Although KMM covers all of Texas, KMM has special programs in place in San Antonio, Texas that gives employers great savings!  Contact us to see if you qualify for discounts through KMM Partners or your company insurance.

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Read the latest blog on corporate health, fitness, and wellness information! Health & Fitness Blog

Read the latest blog on corporate health, fitness, and wellness information!

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