KMM ® understands how important it is to you, a company's broker, that you supply each of your clients with the most effective, cost efficient, beneficial programs on the market for Health and Wellness. We realize that finding a comprehensive solution that represents you professionally and respectfully is crucial in today's tense work atmosphere. With health insurance costs rising and companies needing to cut benefits to stay afloat, what better way to keep moral high and show how proactive you are for your clients then to offer services that are low cost for them to utilize.  


Our vision is to help improve the lives of our clients — and their employees — resulting in increased productivity and a more contented and connected workforce.



A basic corporate wellness fair and wellness lecture program for at 50% off is now available for corporations in San Antonio, Texas only based on insurance provider.  Contact us for details!

•  KMM works with over 2000 health services and has compiled the best experts and resources to help you help your client develop a customized Health and Wellness Initiative to help employees learn and experience a variety of ways to live a balanced life.


•  We start with an employee Health and Wellness Fair customized to your client's workforce needs and demographics.


•  KMM's Health and Wellness Fairs are fully planned, organized, and acilitated face-to-face interactive events catered to your client's specific needs and demographics.   We will even do your out of state customer events!


•  We work directly with your client on your behalf to customize every element of their event from the types of services they would like to have represented to the types of screenings, theme, etc, that they would like to have the day of.


•  No two events are the same. KMM is not a membership driven organization, each exhibitor is personally invited with you and your client's approval. KMM also does background checks on health providers to assure the best  is being presented at your client's event.  Your client receives a comprehensive list prior to their event of all exhibitors that will be in attendance and services that will be offered. A Health and Wellness Fair is NOT a street fair. Rather it is to serve as an educational, hands on experience leaving each attendee with new information on what they can do to achieve a more well rounded and focused life.


•  KMM works with you to best understand the needs of your client. We invite the right solutions providers to interface with their employees to inform them of their options and motivate them to take action. The more information you and your client share with us about their employees, their benefits and their Health and Wellness goals, the more custom the event and/ or program becomes.


•  We do all the work leading up to the event including inviting the benefit's providers, non-profits, partners, affiliates,etc. Our logistics coordinator will keep you and you're your client   informed of every step in the process leading up to the day of the event. On the day of we do all set up, manning of the event, and clean up. You just show up and encourage your client to relax and enjoy themselves!


Help your clients keep their employee healthy year round…


•  We can help you put together a Corporate Wellness Educational Program to help your client's workforce get the right information about the issues that they are dealing with.


•  We will work with you to develop a comprehensive Wellness Program for your client that combines not only the components listed above, but also a variety of fitness, coaching, support, nutrition, biometrics testing, printed reading materials and online resources to maintain an effective, healthy workforce.  


•  KMM's monthly e-Newsletter can be sent electronically to your client to pass on to their employees to inform them on key health and wellness topics, recipes, articles and more.  


•  During their lunch hour let client's employees experience our Corporate Wellness Lecture Series to educate them on a variety of topics that will stimulate and encourage a healthier lifestyle. These are strictly educational based seminars on topics of your client's choice taught by a doctor, nurse, or expert in their area of specialty.


KMM® is able to help you and your clients make a difference in their Workforce Wellness programs and help each organization realize the benefits that this difference will make to their bottom line.


How to get started:


•  Contact us to schedule a KMM Lunch and Learn for you and your team. We will go through how we customize each event, discuss our various affiliate partners, such as Healthcare On Call, and outline how we ensure your client's satisfaction.


•  Our goal is to be your Health and Wellness Advocate by serving as a fully comprehensive Workforce Wellness Resource. Let us do the work – and you focus on helping your client's bottom line.   We will pull together all the necessary items that you will need to present to your client and will conduct a face to face meeting with you and they to go through them in detail.  


•  Once your client has decided on which options are best, we work with you both every step of the way to guarantee success.



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Read the latest blog on corporate health, fitness, and wellness information! Health & Fitness Blog

Read the latest blog on corporate health, fitness, and wellness information!

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