KMM is a fully comprehensive health and wellness organization whose focus is on workplace wellness and education. Health and Wellness Events are only one segment of what we have to offer, but are by far the best way you can market yourself to a very targeted audience who is there to learn about what you have to offer them.


KMM's Health and Wellness Events are fully planned and orchestrated face-to-face interactive events, catered specifically to the host company's needs. You will have the opportunity to demonstrate first hand what you have to offer.


  • KMM started a special category for "product type" vendors 22-years ago to help support LOCAL charities in our community.  All proceeds go to selected charity of the year that KMM Board picks.
  • Because most "product vendors" are not insured, KMM's annual dues contribute to the insurance liability insurance KMM holds to host such events.  The health industry is exempt from such cost since they are required to hold an insurance liability certificate.
  • All our events are by invitation only. Our host clients hand pick each exhibitor type services that will be in attendance. This means that the client has specifically requested your services as they feel they add value and are something important for their employees to learn about.
  • You can pick and choose the best events for you to attend based on the demographics of the account.
  • Each event varies in number of attendees.  Our goal is offer the best, most well rounded events and thus want to make sure they are cost effective for you to attend so Exibitor cost has remained the same for the past 22-years - affordable!
  • KMM assures you know as much about your audience as possible. Our demographic worksheets outline important details about the company itself and the work they perform as well as the age, gender, ethnicity, location lived, etc of their employees. In addition we let you know what benefit providers the company works with and any additional programs they offer their employees.
  • You are there to showcase your offerings. So, we do all the set up work - and you just show up and present your goods and services. No need to bring your own tables and chairs. They are there set up for you when you arrive.



  • Make use of our Attendee Giveaways by offering samples, informational pieces and coupons.
  • Need assistance on how to optimmize your booth space? Use our Exhibitor Tips form for suggestions, or contact KMM's Wellness Department for additional training opportunities.
  • Have a promotion or discount you want to pass on? We serve as your direct connect to the HR department. Let us introduce you and pass on to them any discounts or programs you have to offer their employees.
  • Join KMM's Speaker Network and you will have the ability to present individualized topics in an informal, relaxed setting. With client's undivided attention utilize this time to educate your audience.

Contact us today for more information on how to become a Professional Exhibitor.

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Read the latest blog on corporate health, fitness, and wellness information! Health & Fitness Blog

Read the latest blog on corporate health, fitness, and wellness information!

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