SPECIAL EVENT ON SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH 5PM - 7PM at Oxygen Regenerative Therapies, 13800 San Pedro Ave., San Antonio, Texas 78232!
It's a Meet & Greet with an awesome educational twist!
Three-time US Olympic Coach Rose Monday (Track & Field) will be a guest and briefly address peak performance used for her Olympians in Training for the Tokyo Olympics who dealt with sore and strained muscles, injuries, endurance issues and overall performance.
Please visit our website www.OxygenRT.com in advance for a brief “walk through” but more importantly, we want you HERE!
What can you expect to get out of this visit? You will get a lot of questions answered in the area of regenerative therapies available today. Who doesn’t need a little rejuvenation?
We will allow sample Hyperbaric Oxygen Sessions for you to be able to see what HBOT is like. Also, we will allow you to experience the feel of SoftWave TRT that has many professional teams scrambling to buy this technology.
Find out:
Why the Lakers bought LeBron James a Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber? Which one did they buy?
What can Hyperbaric Oxygen do to improve health, overall performance? Can it address things like pain and injuries?
Why did the Lakers also buy LeBron a SoftWave TRT device? Was it for his injured joints, high levels of inflammation causing aches and pains, need to accelerate healing?
Which piece of equipment that we have did Tom Brady, Roger Federer and Hussein Boldt call their “secret weapon”?
What was the “secret sauce” that allowed James Lawrence to completed 50 Ironman Races in 50 Days in all 50 states breaking all records?
Which piece of equipment that we have can reverse the need for a joint replacement?
What are stem cells and what are the different types of stem cell therapy offered?
All participants will be offered 20% OFF all of our packages …. A huge savings! There will also be a specially priced Sampler Package for those curious minds wanting to experience it all.
We will be serving appetizers and beverages for those of you arriving hungry. ❤
Don’t miss out!


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