9-Week Fit Challenge To Support Hope Church Starts Monday, September 9, 2019

The next 9-Week Fit Challenge starts Monday, September 9, 2019 YOU MUST BE REGISTERED BY FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2019.  This is a GROUP ON-LINE program.  


I am honored and excited to provide a 9-Week Fit Challenge to support Hope Church's outreach programs and reduce their overall debt so they can do more for their community.  100% PROCEEDS will be going to Hope Church! 


For only $22 a week, you will be coached, counseled, and educated on what it takes for a professional bodybuilder in Physique to prepare for a competition.  This program is for ALL ages and ALL fitness levels because YOU will become the BEST version of YOU!  


As an IFBB Pro, I will share my journey, secrets, tips, and more of my 27-plus years in the fitness world!  You will learn how to train smart, how to eat more and still lose weight, along with cooking tips, have 24/7 access to me via private message, and be apart of like minded individuals for support! 


What it includes:

  • Weekly meal plan to go by.
  • Daily workouts to go by to include specific instructions and video for those not familiar with weight training
  • Weekly Champ Challenges to push you to your true limit.  Champ of the Week gets not only recognized, but a $30 gift card to GNC or/and something similiar
  • Weekly Accountability Day where you must post front / back pictures with weight and measurements from the neck down in tank top (females) and shorts, swim suit, or workout clothing.  THIS IS MANDATORY!
  • Educational information weekly to help you understand your body, how to make it work in your favor, and get the most out of meals, workouts, and other nutritional supplements
  • Cooking tips
  • 24/7 access to Lenore, 27-years in health and fitness, 14- years IFBB Pro, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Weight Management, Certified Nutrition,  and an RN.
  • Engaged with like-minded individuals for support
  • And much more!

Total amount for the 9-week Fit Challenge is $200 and due by September 6, 2019.  To sign up on line, click here!


To pay for for 9-Week Fit Challenge in full, click here!


For more information or to inquire about the program, contact us!



*Your payment for the Fit Challenge means you have read the Fit Challenge agreement form, you acknowledge and will abide by rules/policies, you will give 110% to the program, and you acknowledge it is your responsibility to inform us of any dietary and physical restrictions you may have. You also understand that not abiding by rules/policies will result in being removed from the program & no refund will be allotted.



**KMM holds the right of refusal of accepting applications based on like-type businesses such as but not exclusive to personal trainers, fitness instructors, gym owners, and/or any/all health & fitness individuals that may be a conflict of interest. 10-week fit challenge is currently under review for copyrights.


Progress Pictures From Past Fit Challenges - GROUP PROGRAM

Past Fit Challenges pictures will be different for each individual based on their true in put into the program.  All have lost weight, but more important is the body is changing.  Upper left, midsection is being reduced.  Upper right, her back is more structured and defined from adding weight lifting.  Middle left, midsection reduced and back folds disappearing.  Middle right, he is reducing fat and toning overall.  Lower left, we are adding some weight and muscle.  Lower middle, over all toning, especially in the glutes.  Lower right, overall toning.  


This Challenge is for all ages, all body types, all fitness levels, and anyone from any state/country can join since it is an on-line program.  

Personal Training, Figure & Physique Posing, Group Trainings, Meal Plans, Nutritional Classes, & On-Line Training/Nutrition


For 3-month on-line training, click here Link will lead you to information and enrollment.  To pre-pay total amount, please go to Payment Form found at top of website.  After enrollment, you will be contacted by office or Lenore.



One on one personal training sessions are available and conducted by IFBB Pro, Lenore Gregson.  Hourly rates are:


  • 1 One hour session pre-paid - $90
  • 2 One hour sessions pre-paid - $80 per session
  • 3 One hour sessions pre-paid - $70 per session
  • 4 or more One hour sessions pre-paid - $60 per session

Personal training sessions must be scheduled within a 30-day period.  3 or more sessions pre-paid include meal planning for the 30-day period.  Personal training sessions can be conducted at your home if it is fully equipped or the gym you currently go to if the gym allows outside personal trainers.  If neither apply, training is conducted at one of the following locations:


  • Elian Gym


For those that have gone through a 10-week fit challenge receive personal training at 50% off a one hour personal training session.  Instead of $90, discounted price is $45.


Before becoming a client, you will be asked to fill out a health assessment form and will be reviewed with you on first day.  Click here to inquire about above service!


Other Services:


  • Figure and Physique Posing Session Classes are available.  Rates are the same as personal training. 
  • Group Figure & Physique Posing Session Classes are available for 4 or more individuals - $50 per person
  • Group Personal Training - 1 hour:
    • ​2 individuals - $50 a person
    • 3 individuals - $40 a person
    • 4 individuals - $30 a person
    • 5 individuals or more - $20 a person
  • 45-minute - 1 hour Nutritional Class available - $299.  
  • Meal Planning Individualized to you - $50 a week with a 3 month committment.
  • On-line training coach - click here!
  • Meal Plan / On-line training combo - Discount - $75 a week with a 3-month committment.


Contact us for more information.  To book and pre-pay for sessions/services, click here (May need to be at a computer to see below link depending on your phone service):


New Sponsor!


I am happy to announce that Restore Hyper Wellness & Cryotherapy is a new IFBB Pro Sponsor!  Their wellness services fit hand and hand with keeping me in top shape and with recovery!  


Take advantage of being my friend by mentioning my name when you go (LENORE20) and receive 20% off all services!  

The Ultimate Fit Bands


Take your training to a whole new level with Fit Me Bands.  They come in all levels and can be used to add to your current weight training, help with recovery from injuries, or for beginners using their own strength and body weight.  


Learn more about them at www.thefitmelife.com.  For FREE SHIPPING, use code LenoreG where it ask for the discount code at checkout.  We highly recommend you buying the bundle package which comes in 3 different levels!  You will absolutely LOVE them!

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