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KMM has received a large number of request for the hCG Diet Program...but what exactly is it?


hCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone found in the placenta after implantation occurs in a woman during pregnancy.   It’s composed of 237 amino acids and plays a vital role in the early stages of fetus development.


What is the hype on hCG Diet?  First and foremost, let’s make it clear, hCG for weight loss has not been approved by FDA.  Also, over-the-counter hCG such as homeopathic products, oral drops, pellets, or sprays are illegal in most states.  With that in mind, those that are on a hCG weight loss program are limited to 500 calories a day for 2-months at a time which is very restricted in itself and it is not recommended for Vegetarians or Vegans.


So...what’s the good news about hCG for weight loss?  Although hCG itself DOES NOT make you lose weight—the diet does—research has shown that hCG changes HOW you lose weight.


· hCG shows to reduce the side effects of being on a restricted diet, such as hunger

· Since hCG is a pro-hormone, it helps the body make more hormones.  As we age, hormone deficiency or imbalance is usually part of the reason for weight gain, whether it’s the thyroid, menopause, etc. it offers help

· hCG injections keep you from losing muscle while on a restricted diet.  By elevating hormone levels in the body, including testosterone, the hCG hormone creates an anabolic state (muscle-building) which counteracts the catabolic state (muscle-breakdown).  Program burns more fat and maintains more muscle.  More muscle increases metabolism rate.


The hCG Diet is only recommended for those that:

· Are 25 or more pounds over their ideal weight.

· Are 100% committed to sticking to the restricted diet for the duration of the program


Still Interested?  KMM offers two programs:


1 - 4 week hCG injection kit that includes 4 B12 shots to boost metabolism for $200

2 - 4 week hCG injection kit that includes 4 Super Lipo Lean shots to not only boost metabolism but help preserve muscle with amino acids - $250


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