You will find studies, key reports, and other publications that will help you understand several major issues involved in the workplace health and wellness promotional programming.

Workforce Health & Productivity:  How Employees Measure, Benchmark & Use Productivity Outcomes


In an effort to explain current health and productivity management strategies, John Riedel of Riedel & Associates and the Integrated Benefits Institute co-developed the report, Workforce Health and Productivity: How Employers Measure, Benchmark and Use Productivity Outcomes. This undertaking resulted in a valuable resource for American employers, which highlights how nine American businesses are successfully integrating productivity measurement with their worksite health initiatives.



Workforce Health & Productivity
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Choosing Appropriate Interventions


This Special Report is focused on the benchmark of Choosing Appropriate Interventions. Specifically, we'll outline the issues and factors to consider when choosing interventions for your organization. In addition, we'll present expert information from Dr. Ken Cooper on physical activity, Dr. Jeffrey Wigand on tobacco cessation, and Dr. Luke Seaward on stress management. Finally, we'll set forth important guidelines for small businesses who are interested in adopting health promotion interventions.

Choosing Appropriate Interventions
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Catch-Fire! WELCOA Great Ideas For Infusing Energy And Commitment Into Your Wellness Team


It comes as no surprise that wellness teams with great energy produce great results. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to ensure that your wellness team is always pumped up. To do this, it requires some creativity and a little work. However, the payoff will be enormous--both in terms of improved morale for team members and improved health for all employees.

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10 Secrets of Successful Wellness Teams


When it comes to building results-oriented wellness programs, teams are an integral part of the equation. But creating and sustaining a dynamic and effective wellness team is not an easy task. In this special report, we'll share the 10 secrets of successful worksite wellness teams and provide strategies to help you build a best-in-class team.

10 Secrets of Successful Wellness Team
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You Can't Change What You Can't Measure


When people enter the workforce, they are young, energetic, healthy, vibrant, and optimistic. But after the daily push and shove that the world of work demands, most people slowly begin to wear out. Having neglected the importance of protecting personal health status, their well-being and vitality slowly begin to deteriorate -- and, as this happens, it takes a noticeable and serious toll on both organizational productivity and personal happiness.

In this Special Report, we will explore why the annual opportunity for a health screening is vital, and we'll reveal important information that will help you to design, deliver, and evaluate a screening initiative that will set you apart as an employer of choice.

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By The Numbers, A Data-Collection  Guide


While there are many forms of data that can be collected, it is absolutely essential to gather data from three primary sources -- an employee health risk appraisal, a company-wide health culture audit, and an individual interest survey. By having data from these three sources, worksite wellness practitioners will have at their disposal rich forms of information that can be analyzed and utilized to build a solid foundation for a results-oriented worksite wellness program.

By The Numbers
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Developing A Data Dashboard For Your Wellness Program


Data dashboards have been used in the business world for decades. However, the concept is still relatively new in the arena of worksite wellness. If you're unfamiliar with this concept, it should be reassuring to know that it is pretty straightforward. But whether you are a large or small company, your wellness program should have a data dashboard.

Data Dashboard
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Choosing Foods And Beverages For Healthy Meetings, Conferences And Events -- CDC's Healthy Worksite Guidelines


This document provides 5 quick tips for changing your company's culture -- and making healthy eating choices available at work-related events. Because many workers consume a significant portion of food away from home -- and those foods are often not as nutritious as foods prepared at home -- it's important to have a policy that ensures healthy foods are served as an option for company meetings, conferences and events.

Healthy Worksite Food
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The Burden of Tobacco Use


Tobacco use remains the leading cause of death in the United States. Indeed, some 450,000 people will die this year due to tobacco-related illnesses. What's more, 50,000 people die each year from secondhand smoke-related diseases. If left unchecked, by the year 2020, tobacco is projected to kill about 10 million people a year worldwide. This issue of Absolute Advantage is dedicated to addressing tobacco use at the workplace.

Burden of Tobacco Use
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Rewards For Healthy Lifestyles


Employers can reinforce good employee health by sponsoring healthy lifestyle contests and campaigns. These encourage such behavior as smoking cessation, healthy eating, and weight loss -- with the support and discipline of an organized event.

Rewards For Healthy Lifestyles
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How To Maximize Your Incentives To Drive Participation


In this special WELCOA report, we'll examine the topic of utilizing incentives to maximize participation. To assist wellness practitioners, we provide a model for better understanding incentives and share thoughts from the nation's leading experts. From cover-to-cover, this report is one of the best you find on the topic of incentives and maximizing participation.

Maximize Incentives To Drive Participation
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Getting Active: Physical Activity At Work


Zero in on the most effective ways to increase physical activity in the workplace. Setting forth 50 practical ideas, this report will provide a lot of insight in how to increase physical activity in the workplace.

Getting Active
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Alternative Messaging To Help People Ease Concerns About Weight -- New Report On Obesity


Dr. Jon Robison, a nationally-recognized expert on weight management and wellness at Michigan State University, has been challenging--for over a decade--the conventional wisdom when it comes to addressing the obesity epidemic. In this Special Report, Dr. Robison continues his assault on present day approaches and has authored "10 Things People Can Do Right Now To Ease Their Concerns About Their Weight and Improve Their Health." Be warned: Dr. Robison's views are guaranteed to challenge your present thinking on this topic and will generate significant discussion.

10 Things You Can Do Right Now
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Carefully Crafting Your Organization's Wellness Plan


To successfully deliver a results-oriented wellness program, you'll need to have a plan. Unfortunately, many HR Exec's and Health Promotion Practitioners are unfamiliar with the essential elements that make up a good plan. In this article, learn the seven critical elements that are vital in ensuring the success of your wellness initiative.

Carefully Crafting Wellness Plan
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Making The Case For Workplace Wellness


Making the case for workplace wellness is never an easy task -- especially in the middle of an economic downturn. To help you "make your case," we've assembled a document containing some pretty compelling information and statistics that will help you capture the attention of your organization's senior-level executives.

Making The Case
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When It Comes From You...The Power Of CEO Support In Advancing A Small Business Wellness Initiative


Perhaps the single most important element in building and sustaining a wellness program in a small business setting is having CEO buy-in. Indeed, time and time again, it has been our experience that the organizations that successfully garner senior-level support are the ones that have healthier employees and better working environments.

But the question for most wellness advocates in a small business setting is, "How can I get my CEO to get behind this concept?" Or, if they are already bought in, "How can I get them to be the organization's best advocate for personal health and well-being?"

These are great questions and they deserve a closer look...

Power of CEO Support
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WorkSmart Stretching Poster


American culture has often overlooked the importance of stretching daily to improve health and reduce the daily wear and tear to our working, aging bodies. However, in the last few years, more and more companies across the US are implementing WorkSmart Stretching Programs (or others like it) into their daily work practices and seeing many work injury reduction benefits such as, reduced MSD OSHA recordable injuries and their related costs, improvement in worker morale, reduction in disability costs, and improved customer service. This poster, showing 18 WorkSmart Stretching poses, was developed for use in the workplace by Physical Therapist, Erik Nieuwenhuis.

Stretching Poster
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Which Diets Are Best? A Low-Cost Programming Idea To Help Your Employees Choose The Right Weight Loss Approach


These days, it seems that everyone is concerned about losing weight -- and for good reason. With the majority of the population now overweight and/or obese, health researchers have been warning us of the devastating consequences of carrying too much weight. As a result, many Americans have become diet-crazed; frantically searching for the magic bullet -- that "one" perfect approach that's finally going to help them shed unwanted pounds once and for all.

Which Diets Are Best
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Help Your Employees Find Peace of Mind This Holiday Season With 12 Holiday Health And Safety Tips!


The holidays are a time to celebrate, give thanks, and reflect. They are also a time to help your employees pay special attention to their health. Give the gift of health and safety to your employees by offering these holiday tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Holiday Tips
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Stressed Less -- Leading Expert Shares Important Insight On Minimizing Personal Stress


Stress is a big issue in the U.S. In fact, it's everywhere. It dogs us at work. It plagues us at home. It travels with us on the road. It shares our relationships. Ironically, it even sleeps with us.

Stress Less
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10 Thrifty Ideas To Stretch Your Health Care Dollars


In the midst of the most serious economic downturn since the Great Depression, everyone should be looking for ways to save money. In this WELCOA Special Report, nationally-recognized expert Jeff Rubleski outlines 10 key measures that employers can take to stretch their benefit dollars further and educate their employees on all things financial.

Stretch Your Health Care Dollars
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Embracing Workplace Wellness


Workplace wellness may be one of the most savvy business investments an employer can make. Just ask a company like Starbucks who spends more on health insurance than they do on coffee. Or GM who spends more on health benefits for employees and retirees than they do on steel. In this article, Jeff Rubleski discusses the economic impact of wellness programs and what you can do to increase participation rates and improve health outcomes within your organization.

Embracing Workplace Wellness
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The Six Tests of Leading a Healthy Company


There are six tests of leading a healthy company. CEOs must successfully pass each if they are to keep their employees healthy and well.

Six Tests of Leading A Healthy Company
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A New Tool To Help You Calculate Your Wellness ROI


For years, calculating the return-on-investment of your wellness program has been difficult — if not impossible. Those days are officially over. Dr's Steve Aldana and Troy Adams have built and released a new tool that will be of great value to wellness practitioners throughout the country — and best of all, it's free.

ROI Wellness Calculator
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The Power of Prevention


The CDC reports that chronic diseases caused from lifestyle will exact a devastating toll on the American population in the coming years. However, according to the CDC, although chronic diseases are among the most common and costly of health problems, they are also among the most preventable.

The Power of Prevention
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What's a Healthy Employee Worth...Expert Reveals Important Insights


Lost productivity is enormously expensive—and business leaders know it. But actually calculating its cost can be an exercise in frustration. How is this hidden heavy affecting your organization, and what are you doing about it?

In this article, Dr. Wendy Lynch, one of the most noted productivity experts in the country, provides important insights on this pressing issue.

What's A Healthy Employee Worth
Adobe Acrobat document [721.5 KB]

How To Build Your Wellness Budget


For years there was talk about doing health promotion programs at no cost to the company. Ask yourself if there are other departments in the company that operate on no budget. The answer is no. At the very least, budgets in some departments include staff, travel, and some discretionary money. So why don't wellness programs have bigger budgets? Great Question!

Wellness Budget
Adobe Acrobat document [571.4 KB]

Six Ways To Take Your Wellness Program To...The Next Level


In the next ten years, the working population will be getting older...rapidly. In fact, throughout the rest of the decade, one baby boomer will turn 50 every eight seconds. And, because of this phenomenon, healthcare costs will continue to rise. Unfortunately, American business will pick up the lion's share of these costs. The following six ideas will help you take your wellness program to the next level.

Six Ways to Next Level
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